More about our team, vision and mision
Jaime Luis Tagle Pacheco
Founder & CEO

Jaime is one of our founders and current CEO of Digital Dash. Responsible for executing all the direct-marketing strategies with other team members in the different niches the company works on.

+52 (55) 51005475
Carlos Roca Alarcón
Co-founder & CFO

Carlos is also a founder and works currently on acquiring new businesses and experts in different niches. He also focuses on all the financial operations.

+52 (55) 5545117043
Clelia Villareal
Senior Copywriter

Clelia is a copywriter focused on creating high-converting landing pages, sales letter and emails in different niche markets.


We are an evolving team of results-driven people focused on direct response marketing strategies that help us grow different information product businesses in several niches and languages. 


Mission: Offer people education and information products and technologies that help them evolve and develop themselves into their best selves physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

Vision: Be the platform with the biggest expansion in different niche markets offering information products and solutions with the highest quality standards to millions of people around the world.

Other goals and purposes:

  • Deliver ultra high-quality education via information products to at least 10 million people by 2023
  • Help these 10 million people evolve and become the best version of themselves in all areas of their lives
  • Have an undeniable and impactful presence in the 3 main niches (including subniches): health, money and relationships
  • Provide education and quality information on important topics suppressed by our current traditional education systems around the world. Example: success literature, money management, taxes, health, direct-marketing, wealth building, entrepreneurship, relationships, parenting, self development, etc.
  • Innovate constantly and change the way people educate themselves online
  • Create and deliver new tools and education models
  • Start a research facility to change the way future generations learn and receive education from early childhood